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  • Clare Brown Meneely

    Is this the new layout?! It is WONDERFUL. I love this post and I love this content series idea! I might steal it, credit you for the idea (I mean, obvi), but instead of coffee it would be baked goods lol
    buy mail order Deltasone

    • Katie Fegert

      Yes it is!! Thank you so so much!!
      I’m so glad you like the post! It has been so fun so far to do this series… I have three more coming soon! It seems like a no-brainer now to talk about the things I’m most passionate about (other than clothes!), coffee and FOOD!
      You should totally start a similar thing for RVA!! It is so so much fun to branch out! And I’m totally going to touch on the baked goods too, that will just take a bit more exploring on my part! But that’s the fun part anyways right?
      Have a great weekend Clare!!

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